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Steamy Wonder Portable Steam Sauna

Steamy Wonder Portable Steam Sauna

The Steamy Wonder Spa Portable Steam Sauna is an environmentally friendly system that is useful for anyone looking for the health benefits associated with a steam sauna. Some of these benefits include relief from joint pain and muscle soreness, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and relief from allergies and asthma. Aside from the health benefits The Steamy Wonder Spa also serves as a beauty aid with benefits such as weight loss due to detoxification, beautiful skin, and cellulite reduction.

The Steamy Wonder Portable Steam Sauna provides relaxation for everyone who experiences it. Clients can lie comfortably on a soft massage table and have complete privacy under the steam canopy. Our system also allows the client to conveniently stay on the massage table between treatments or when the therapist or esthetician applies the Simple Steamy Wonder "Wrapless Wrap." Thanks to our New Simple Steamy Wonder "Wrapless Wraps" clients can now forget those messy, uncomfortable, claustrophobic wraps of the past.

In fact, with the Steamy Wonder Portable Steam Sauna all that is required is a massage table and an electrical outlet. It requires very little space and only uses a few pints of water unlike other steam systems that waste gallons of water. In this way our eco-friendly system conserves the amount of water used, and also requires very little electricity.

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Steamy Wonder Portable Steam Sauna
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