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Hydraulic Salon Styling Chairs

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    AB Salon Equipment also provides Salon Layouts & Floor Space Planning Services for our clients at an inexpensive rate.

    Our Custom Cabinetry & Custom Styling Stations are very Popular with clients who get Salon Layout & Space Planning services from us.

    Largest selection of Hydraulic Salon and Styling Chairs
    Professional hair styling, barbering & coloring services

    Salon Chairs with Hydraulic pumps make it easier for cosmetologists to cut and style all lengths of hair. These salon chairs have a swivel top and a hydraulic base that is manually controlled by a foot pedal, pumped until the desired height achieved for comfort and ease when cutting & Styling your clients hair. To lower your salon chair press the pedal and holding it down awhile pressed will lower the salon chair hydraulic until the pedal is released. This allows the stylist to adjust the client  to optimal height when  working on hair services. Ab offers many parts for salon chairs, if you don't see the salon chair part you need on our site, please feel free to contact us though this site at our contact page and you can send us a picture of your Salon Chair- hydraulics and we will try to get you the salon parts you need. If you want something a bit more friendly for your Back and Feet take a look at our Electric Styling Chairs, and don't forget to check out our Anti Fatigue Salon Chair Mats they are super comfy for your Feet!

     Here at AB Salon equipment for can find and choose  the right hair salon chair to fit or services as well as the interior design of your establishment. If you need your Hair Chair to ship quickly; you can choose from a selection of ready to ship Salon Chairs. Or custom make your chair with an assortment or color choices and designs. Many of our Name Brand Chairs have free shipping to commercial addresses. 

    Pro tip: How to take care of your hydraulic Styling Chairs and/or Barber Chairs

    Tips to keep your hydraulic styling chairs working and looking beautiful. These chairs are so much more than ‘just’ chairs! They are tools that are in operation day after day, week after week. They constantly flex as clients get in and out of them. Plus they’re pumped up and down, and cleaning crews may move them incorrectly. This creates a variety of issues, but here’s how to keep them running. Check to make sure that all the screws and bolts have the correct tension. Places to check are the armrest, foot treadles, footrests, and base plates. If a screw gets loose and you don’t tighten it back up, this can cause stress in the metal, enlargement of the screw hole, and eventually…product failure. ☹ Much better to just tighten it up! Have you ever had a styling chair top with a spongey, bouncy feel to it?This happens when the chair is moved improperly. If the chair is pulled from the top, the pump extends – allowing air to enter the system. Luckily, you can bleed it to remove the air from the system. Sit someone in the chair, and pump the chair as high as it will go. When it reaches the highest point, keep pumping! You are now pushing the air OUT of the hydraulic system. Then step down on the treadle, releasing pressure until the hydraulic chair is at its lowest point. Repeat this process a minimum of 5 times. Keep it clean…carefully! Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions. Harsh chemicals can ruin your upholstery, and damage or dull metal finishes. Did you know the oils in your skin can also diminish the life of vinyl? Cleaning chairs on a daily or regular basis is important. Vinyl will crack if not cleaned properly. Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. All vinyl chairs are susceptible to dye and staining. Your stylist should always drape the cape carefully over the chair. We always recommend fitted clear plastic back covers. All reputable US manufacturers provide these for their chairs.

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