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Questions? Call us: 727.531.5405 or 800.393.2679

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I contact AB Salon Equipment?
We can be reached by phone at 1-727-531-5405, or by email at

Where is AB Salon Equipment located and what are their hours?
AB Salon Equipment’s showroom is located at 14220 66th Street North, Suite E, 
Clearwater, FL 33764.
Our hours are M-F 9:00am to 5:30pm EST.

Can I place my order online?
Yes, you may place your order online for any items not marked as “Call to Order”. Please refer to “Order Process” in our Terms and Conditions.

Does AB Salon Equipment match competitor’s prices?
AB Salon Equipment is typically less expensive than any of our competitors. In the event that a competitor has better pricing than AB Salon Equipment, please call us at 1-800-393-2679 to advise on receiving a price match, if possible.

When will my order be shipped?
On our website, we include the most updated ship date on each item’s web page. This is not a target date, just an estimated date of shipment. If your order is in stock at AB Salon Equipment’s showroom, your order will ship within 24 hours of order placement. Please call for more information.

What is the status of my order?
To find out order status, please call AB Salon Equipment at 1-800-393-2679.

Does AB Salon Equipment accept returns?
No, we do not. Please refer to our Returns Policy located in our Terms and Conditions.

Does AB Salon Equipment have a retail location?

Yes, we are located in Clearwater, FL. Please see Question #1 for our address information.

Where will my order be shipping from?
We have many manufacturers located throughout the US and Canada. For more information on where your order will be shipped from, please call AB Salon Equipment.

Can I pick my order up?
If you live in Florida, yes you may pick your order up at our warehouse. Please contact AB Salon Equipment for further information and to set up a pick up arrangement.

Does AB Salon Equipment sell used furniture?
We do sell used furniture. However, we only sell used furniture in person at our showroom in Clearwater, FL. This is because we like the customer to have a good look at the furniture they’re purchasing as all sales are final and returns will not be accepted.

I want to sell my furniture and purchase something new- does AB Salon Equipment buy furniture?
AB Salon Equipment does not purchase furniture outright. However, we do have a Consignment program for customers located in Florida. If you are interested in consigning your furniture, please contact AB Salon Equipment for more information on our Consignment Policy.

Consignment & Repair Items
If items have been at AB for over 90 days without communication . AB Salon Equipment maintains the authority to dispose of or sell equipment accordingly to their needs and space requirements.

What information does AB Salon Equipment have about equipment installation and usage?
- Hair and Facial steamers only use distilled water.
- Clean hair and facial steamers with 2 tbsp distilled vinegar and distilled water at least once per month.
- Do not use bleach or barbicide to clean or sanitize shampoo sinks. These products can weaken seals and cause leakage.
- All salons should use a licensed plumber for installation of shampoo sinks.
- For plumbed pedicure units, the salon should use a licensed plumber for installation.

Will AB Salon Equipment offer a discounted price for orders of large quantity?
Yes, AB Salon Equipment will offer discounts where applicable. Please contact AB Salon Equipment to discuss.

Does AB Salon Equipment accept Purchase Order as form of payment?
Please call AB Salon Equipment for approval of terms. We typically accept schools and government agencies for terms. 
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