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    Barber Chairs, Barber Poles, Wet Stations, Shoe Shines

    Barber Furniture, Barber Equipment, Barber Chairs, Barber Poles, Barber Stations

    We have all the barber shop equipment and furniture that a barber would need. We offer Barber Chairs and Chair Parts, Barber Poles, Barber Wet Stations, Cutting Stools, Shoe Shine Stations, Sanitizers, Sterilizers and Hot Towel Cabinets from leading manufacturers such as Ascot, Belvedere, Collins, Global, Pibbs, and Takara Belmont.

    AB has plenty of Quick Ship, affordable barber chairs and custom color high-end chairs with accents and accessories from top brands such as Takara Belmont, Collins Manufacturing, Pibbs, Belvedere USA and more. These heavy-duty, high density, comfortable Barber Chairs have durable Hydraulic Pumps that can be repaired or replaced for many years to come.

    Many of these can be upgraded to Electric Barber Chairs. If a barber chair is too big for your location, try one of our Quality Styling Chairs or All-Purpose Chairs.

    Hydraulic Barber Chairs have a Hydraulic Pump that is manually controlled by a foot pedal, which is pumped until the desired height is attained. Pressing the pedal and holding it down will lower the chair until the pedal is released. Electric Barber Chairs have an Electric Pump that is controlled by simply pushing and holding down on the Up or Down foot pedal buttons. Most Electric Pumps are plugged into a standard outlet using a standard plug.

    Complete your Barber Shop with our Barber StationsBarber PolesShoe Shine Stands & Anti-Fatigue Barber Mats.

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